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Future Voice Control

Future Voice Control

by February 20, 2019 Voice Control

Well, this is still somewhat a dream for most vision loss consumers.

Dictation from apple, sound and voice search from google and alexa from amazon are all about limitations.

Even world famous siri is really conversational and most often does not yet narrate all her search results.

While siri can be good for turning features on or off, accessibility is still about inclusion and so far siri can only sometimes be helpful.

In 2011 steve jobs predicted the future would be voice control and anytime, anywhere by anyone sure is a good goal.

In other words, no particular device or operating system is required for spoken recognition and response via the cloud.

However, apple has announced that in 2016 siri will be migrating to all mac computers.

Plus the identification or invention of a universal speech input and output tool was submitted to the envision research institute in september 2015.

Further, the blind and low vision community hopes the current reports about the potential of artificial intelligence will soon lead to user friendly solutions.

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